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2015 Annual Report

Brief Background

HOPE worldwide (PNG) Inc. is a faith based Non-Government organisation that was founded in 1994. HOPE worldwide (PNG) is affiliated with HOPE worldwide Australia, HOPE worldwide Ltd in the USA and has relationships with HOPE worldwide organisations in over 80 other countries.

We seek to follow the example of Jesus Christ’s sacrificial love and service through the programs we run. Our motive for serving the vulnerable and disadvantaged is through faith and love.

Our Mission

To bring hope to the underprivileged; and facilitate change in the lives of the unfortunate population of Papua New Guinea through health, education, agriculture and social programs.

HOPE worldwide PNG has been committed to providing health, education, agriculture and social services to the unfortunate Papua New Guineans.

It has been our pleasure, working in partnership with the Papua New Guinean government and our donors, in serving the Papua New Guinean community.

We have medical programs that provide vital service to the public. One of these programs is primary health care, where we serve through our urban clinics and rural sub-health centres and aid posts.

We currently manage two urban clinics in the National Capital District and run a an aid post in Bokolma, Gumine district, Simbu Province.

We opened a new Sub-Health Centre this year in Moroma, Kerowagi district, Simbu province .

Our Highlands Programs

Moroma Sub-Health Centre

Moroma is located in the Kerowagi District of Simbu Province and is situated near the border of Simbu Province and Jiwaka Province. The new Sub-Health Centre is five kilometres drive from the Highlands Highway. We are providing a basic primary health care service from the centre that serves both the Moroma community itself as well as many surrounding communities. We estimate that the centre is the primary health care provider for over 5,000 people, which underlines the importance of the service.
Rice Distribution at Bokolma Clinic
Before the opening of the centre, people had been forced to walk five kilometers along the unsealed road to the highway in order to get to the nearest hospital or health centre. This lead to mothers giving birth along the road, as well as sick elderly and young children also having to make this walk when they are least capable of doing so. This lack of service had also lead to very low immunization rates in the village.

Faced with these critical needs, the community has approached HOPE worldwide PNG to provide this much needed service in their community using the existing facility which was once managed by the Seventh Day Adventist Church 10 years ago. This facility has been upgraded, however funding has not permitted the upgrades to be completed.

HOPE worldwide PNG now calls on business houses to sponsor in cash or kind to fully complete the incomplete facility.

Bokolma Aid Post

The Bokolma Aid Post is another facility in the Highlands (Simbu Province), which HOPE worldwide PNG manages. We have three dedicated staff in the facility, which two are Community Health Workers and the other one is a program overseer.

The Clinic provides basic primary health care services to about 13,000 people in the area, including the surrounding communities. In 2015, we completed two projects for the aid post; a new staff solar-powered house plus a water tank and tap providing water inside the clinic building.

Our NCD Programs

Nine Mile Urban Clinic

Nine Mile Urban Clinic (9MUC) is located in the north-eastern part of the nation’s capital, Port Moresby. Over the last 21 years we have been providing the service for the surrounding 9 Mile areas, including the 8 Mile & Moitaka Ridges; plus Makana and Morobe Blocks. Patients also come as far as Laloki, Bomana and 14 – 15 Mile catchments for primary health care.
Finishing off painting work in 9 mile

The 9 mile urban clinic faces challenges such as tribal fights, illegal water and power diversions and break and enter. Despite these, HOPE worldwide PNG in partnership with NCD Health and the Department of Health have served with commitment and love for the people of these parts of the city.

200 – 300 patients visit our clinic daily; this includes outpatients, maternity health services, antenatal care, HIV/STI testing, treatment and VCT, Malaria laboratory testing services and family planning.

We are thankful to the Malaysian Business Association for their donations that enable ongoing improvements to the clinic.

Lawes Rd Urban Clinic

The Lawes Road Clinic (LRC) serves the Port Moresby South electorate; especially areas including Port Moresby “Town”, Konedobu, Hanuabada and nearby settlements.

The clinic is located at Lawes Road, Konedobu.

It provide services including outpatients, maternal health, HIV/STI testing, treatment and VCT,
Malaria laboratory testing, antenatal care, and family planning. Our clinical staff are supported by the Christian Health Services (CHS) and the Global Fund.

Global Fund HIV training at Lawes Rd Clinic

The National HIVAIDS Program

HOPE worldwide implements the National HIVAIDS Program which aims to maintain essential prevention care & treatment services, and expand and scale up outreach activities in NCD mostly amongst the Key Affected population and the Other Vulnerable Population with the aim to reduce new HIV infection.   The Nine Mile and Lawes Road Urban clinics provides user friendly Sexual Health Services and Antiretroviral Treatment in these two facilities to the clients with particular focus on preventing parent to child HIV transmission (PPTCT). The National HIVAIDS Program is funded by Global Fund through the Principle Recipient Oil Search Foundation from July, 2015 to July 2017.

HOPE Worldwide PNG implement The  National HIVAIDS Program in partnership with Oil Search Foundation, National Department of Health and the National Capital District Health Services together with other implementing partners to collaboratively address the HIV epidemic in PNG.

HOPE staff and GFHIV peer workers

HOPE worldwide PNG has recruited 20 peer support workers as part of this program. They are tasked with going into the community and outreaching to those at highest risk of contracting the HIV virus or being in need of receiving services as a result of being HIV positive.

The program seeks to increase diagnosis rates among those who are HIV positive in the community and to increase the rates of those who are diagnosed with HIV to seek and to continue to receive regular treatment.

HOPE staff at GFHIV training

Program Overview

HOPE Worldwide PNG is one of the sub-recipient to the Global Fund funding to implement The National HIV Program.  The targeted intervention on HIV and AIDS  has shifted with the government focusing intervention on Most at Risk Population (MARPS) to reduce the new HIV infection in country.  HOPE worldwide scope of work is in the National Capital District where the disease burden is high.  The program has the outreach component which peers are in the community  carrying out awareness and one to one intervention and referral of clients to access clinics run by HOPE Worldwide or other partners.  The second component is the Treatment and Care which is done at the clinics.  The staff at the clinic provide user friendly sexual health services to clients who are referred from the community or walk-in patients.  A thorough screening is done by qualified and specialised clinician to identify and treat Sexually Transmitted Infection.  Voluntary Confidential Counselling and testing is also (offered) done at the clinics and those tested positive with HIV are put on ART treatment and Case managed within the clinics.

HOPE Worldwide PNG in partnership with Oil search Foundation, The Department of Health and other implementing partners work in collaboration to implement The National HIV Program funded by the Global Fund.

HOPE Youth and Volunteer Corps

HOPE Youth Corp (HYC) is a program initiated by HOPE worldwide Australia and HOPE worldwide Ltd (of the United States). Volunteers come mainly from the International Churches of Christ. Volunteers engage in various activities such as community outreach, building maintenance and other services. When individual volunteers have specific skills, we are sometimes able to make use of them in front line service delivery or in building our human capacity.

We have hosted the HYC in 2013 and 2014; which volunteers came from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney churches, as well as volunteers from Fiji.

HYC in 2016

In 2016; it is our pleasure to host the 2016 HYC program. We are hosting two joint programs, one focused in Port Moresby and the other in Moroma and Gumine in the highlands. Both programs will involve significant outreach with the highlands program helping us to complete work on the Moroma Sub-Health Centre.

This program was purposely initiated to physically show the love of Christ to the needy through volunteer service. HOPE HYC also act to build and keep bonds between HOPE worldwide organisations and ICOC Churches in the region.

Children at Gumine, near our Bokolma Clinic in Simbu province.

Global Fund HIV community outreach in Morata settlement in NCD. The aim is to build awareness of HIV and AIDS and awareness of referral pathways for clients to access sexual health services in the 9 mile and Lawes Rd Urban Clinics.

Children of the Moroma community and volunteers from Australia at the Moroma Sub-Health Facility centre about 6 months before opening.

Second round of rice distribution at Bokolma Clinic in February 2016 as the drought came towards a close. This round followed up an earlier round in September 2015 and came shortly after the breaking of the drought, which helps the community as they grow new good. More than 3,000 people benefited from this distribution.

How You can help

HOPE Worldwide is now approaching business houses for donations in cash or kind to sustain its current programs and/ or to extend the programs to other parts of the country.

You can help us by donating to HOPE worldwide PNG in general, or specifically to:

  • Moroma Sub-Health Centre, Simbu Province. The facility is unfinished and needs various construction work to be fully commissioned, such as electrical work.
  • School Program; a special school called “Non-Formal Education (NFE)” needed to be resurrected again in NCD. This will enable us to take children off the streets and reintegrate them into the standard schooling system.

Should you need more information on the programs we run, or wish to support any of the programs, please contact us using the contact button below.

If you are Australian based, you can support us by donating at Givenow.


We would like to thank all of our donors for their generous support.

It is our pleasure to acknowledge your kind and continuous partnership & support to the work of HOPEWW PNG.

We acknowledge the support and partnership of:

  • Malaysian Association of Papua New Guinea (MAPNG) (Donor- HOPE Administration and 9 Mile Clinic)
  • Christian Health Services (CHS) (Funder-Staff & Operation)
  • National Department of Health (Health Service Partnership)
  • National Capital District Health Services (Health Service Partnership)
  • Oil Search Foundation (Health Service Partnership)
  • Simbu Provincial Health (Health Service Partnership)
  • HOPE Worldwide Australia (Supporter/donor)
  • International Church of Christ Australia, New Zealand and Detroit Church in USA (Supporter/donor)
  • Global Fund (Donor-Donor National HIV Program)
  • Australia New Zealand Bank (ANZ)
  • Bank of Papua New Guinea (BPNG)
  • Bank of South Pacific (BSP Bank)
  • PNG Ports Cooperation (Donor/supporter)
  • City Pharmacy (Supplier of Medical Drug/Equipments)
  • Wheels (Mechanical Supplier)
  • Boroko Motors (Mechanical Supplier)
  • NGF (Printing Supplier)
  • Bismil (Printing Supplier)
  • Graffiti Sign (Printing Supplier)
  • TNA Cash & Carry (Supplier – Kundiawa,Simbu Province)
  • Port Moresby International Church of Christ (Inputs/directions & Spiritual Support)

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