Gumine Water Project 2015

by | 13 Apr, 2016 | Drought Relief

The Gumine water project was part of the drought relief appeal which the International Church of Christ (ICOC) in Australia and New Zealand donated funds toward supporting the people in Gumine during the 8 months El Nino in 2015.  The donation initially was to support Christians within the Local Church in Gumine with food (rice) and water tank to harvest rain water in preparation for future long dry season.   However, with the overwhelming response in the giving from the Christians overseas, the support in the form of rice distribution and water tank installation was extended to the community at large and the Bolkolma Aids Post which is run by HOPE Worldwide PNG is currently benefiting almost 4000 people.

Bolkolma Aid Post Water Project

HOPE Worldwide PNG since 2010 has initiated and operated the Bolkolma Aid Post over the last 5 years in partnership with the Simbu Provincial Health.   The Aid Post serves 20-30 patients every day. The last 5 years patients would be given medicine with instruction to take at home as there was no water within the Aid Post to administer the stat dose. The nurses bring in bucket water for sanitation purpose to stop cross infection. The water project has immensely changed these scenarios with sink being installed within the Aid Post. The water has enabled nurses to administer stat dose of treatment within the Aid Post and also improved the hygiene and sanitation aspect of the clinic in meeting health standards. The staffs who are housed at the clinic also have access to the water.

Story of Beneficiary

David Kaupa expressed his thank you and gratitude towards HOPE Worldwide and the church for the water project. He said that “before we were given medicine and we would take it home and sometime we forget to drink on time as directed by the nurse. The water project has changed that and we are able to drink our medicine within the clinic. We are very grateful for the support”. Like David, all the community member share similar sentiments and expressed much gratitude towards the water project.


Drinking clean water in Bokolma clinic, Gumine

A drink from the newly installed water tap

Gumine Church Water Project

The Christians in the Gumine ICOC struggled like everyone else during the 8 months El Nino with challenge of finding clean water to drink. They walked miles to fetch clean water. The donation for the drought relief has now enabled the church members with clean water which will sustain them during future long dry seasons. Two tanks were installed within the church area for the Christians to have access to clean water. They all pass on their sincere thank you and gratitude to the churches in Australia and New Zealand.

Maria and Jonjon Mol with Stephen Mitaharo

Maria and Jonjon Mol with Stephen Mitaharo in front of the water tanks at the Gumine Church of Christ

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